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Hotel Review: Portsonachan Hotel, Loch Awe

    The following is a constructive feedback about the Portsonachan Hotel:

    1. Room Comfort: With the exception of the wood cabins which are rather modern, all of the rooms are in need of updating, with even the most basic of amenities that could have been improved for a more comfortable stay.
    2. Maintenance: Most guests reported issues with room cleanliness, maintenance and upkeep of the hotel facilities and this was hardly ever tended to in a timely or satisfactory manner
    3. Staff Service: Some guests might have experienced poor service from the hotel staff, with slow response times and unprofessional behavior. But to be fair here, staffing levels, as with most places in Scotland at this time were low, and the staff that were available were hard workers that enjoyed their jobs.
    4. Food Quality: Most guests didn’t have an issues with the quality food options offered by the hotel restaurant, but with limited options and subpar taste I don’t see how more complaints aren’t made. There is no cooked breakfast, with the hotel opting instead for an offering of cereals and/or toast, with porridge.
    5. Location: The hotel is located in a remote area, which could make it challenging for guests to access nearby attractions and activities.
    6. Water: The water at the hotel is subject to strict conditions set by the water board. The water at the time of my stay was not to be ingested at all, the water that ran from the taps was of a dark brown colour and wasnt fit for human consumtion. Bottled water was provided free of charge for drinking and brushing teeth

    This feedback is provided only as a general suggestion based on my time here during 2021, and may not be representative of the current state of the Portsonachan Hotel. The management of the hotel may have taken steps to address these issues, and it’s always best to check recent reviews and do research before making a decision.

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