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I was raised in the lovely city of Derby, located in Derbyshire at the base of the stunning Peak District. Growing up with four sisters, we were blessed to have this incredible natural wonder in our backyard, offering endless adventures and opportunities for fun. Whether it was a leisurely day out with a picnic or a family camping trip during the holidays, the Peak District always provided an escape into the great outdoors. This is where my love and passion for the countryside took root and has stayed with me into adulthood. Today, I still revel in outdoor activities like wild camping, hiking, and caving – just to name a few. Join me on this exciting journey as I explore and document the breathtaking beauty of the United Kingdom

Blog Posts

I blog to express my thoughts, share my experiences, and connect with others on a deeper level, because writing has the power to not only heal the writer but also inspire and educate the reader.

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Minimized simplicity

I love to travel

Traveling opens the doors to the soul, allowing it to breathe, grow, and discover the beauty of the world